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Animated Playgrounds

sensory playgrounds

September 11, 2016

sensory playgrounds are  unique , entertaining  and creates a series of outdoor rooms that incorporate explorative and sensory activities that help to improve student’s body awareness, problem solving, cognition, creativity, enhance ...

animated fencing

September 11, 2016

APG offers 100+  ideas in animated fencings. these are learning tools for kids in recess. perfect for early childhood upto 3rd graders. products include scales & measurements, teams, missing letters, music,…etc.. affordable ...

animated landscapes

September 11, 2016

These innovations in landscaping are absolutely meant for kids learn about traffic, road safety, parking lots, distances, milestones and reading signs.. etc…request for more details...

dramatic play areas

September 11, 2016

another great outdoor dramatic play area design; an absolute wonder for kids to expose their talents. available in 5 configurations and colors. affordable costing...request for more details...

painted playground games

September 11, 2016

APG [animated play grounds] has associated with wolrd’s best and reknowned school innovators for this project. these playgrounds offer wide variety of learning methods. they improve kids’ thinking skills. affordable, ...

traditional play

September 11, 2016

play is learning ::  motto of animated playgrounds. they offer many a traditional games across the world that improve maths scores, creatives thinking and critical thinking…request for more details...

Animated playgrounds

August 13, 2016

‘animated play grounds’ is an initiative by schoolmart. this is an unique and first of its kind initiative in the world. these are incredible play systems that improve creatives spirits of kids. Parents know that play helps ...

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