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Interlocking PP- Tiles

Schoolmart IKON PP-Tiles Interlocking System for outdoor sports with the international specifications to meet the high level sports activities. The system is recommended over at concrete base . . • PP tiles which can be easily installed and moved • Excellent Playability and cushioning ...

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Schoolmart Poured-In-Place Playing Surfaces

Schoolmart  Poured-In-Place Playing Surfaces Schoolmart Sports offer Poured-In-Place Playing Surface system with following technical characterstics 1. Schoolmart Poured-in-place primer a. Material : Polyurethane 2. Schoolmart Poured-in-place Basement a. Material : Blend of 100% recycled SBR ( StyreneButadiene Rubber) and Polyurethane. b. Thickness: 14mm /16mm c. Formulation Components :Blend ...

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Artificial Grass Turf

Schoolmart Sports artifical turf have following features • Fieldturf Tarkett with a 10 to 15 years warranty • approved product with international sports authorities • Can be used for football, hockey, cricket, multi-purpose use • durable and low maintenance costs • Eco-friendly material , ...

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