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Designer Schools

3D-design modal

June 26, 2018

3D font is used throughout the building as a way finding system and also for environmental graphics. These 3D letters, created are designed to work in superposition, to play with perspective in a way that indicates a direction or floor ...

Block-House modal

June 26, 2018

To connect the structure with the surrounding city, the street-facing facade is dotted with colourful, projecting window frames.The simple, house-like forms of the window bays were inspired by the elementary, block-house model often ...

Handmade school

June 26, 2018

The construction method used is a historical earth building technique similar to cob-walling which is ideal for ‘self building’. The wet earth is mixed with straw and applied to the wall in layers. The most important technical ...

Kindergarten school

August 2, 2016

where children from different class and parents can have view of classroom  activities, expanding the volume of teaching areas. The design required for 5-6 classrooms with capacity of 30 children meant for children age group of 2½-5 ...


August 2, 2016

The building occupies an area of 800 m2. The program articulates six classrooms, nest, multipurpose room, bedroom, dining room, and offices necessary for the proper development of the activities for which will be assigned....

Culture center

August 2, 2016

The cultural center is strategically positioned to reinforce the school’s primary campus space while maintaining the rural quality of the 150-student school. The building includes theaters, classrooms and labs for visual/graphics arts, ...