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Green Schools

bamboo schools

People are thinking and talking about Green Schools, Healthy Kids, High Performance Schools — it’s all good! A green school is all of these things. …

solar powered internet school [40x8x8.5′]

designed by engineers of samsung, implemented first in africa,these schools are portable and durable for politically disturbed locations and can with stand weather calamities. request details of all features and pricing.

solar powered floating schools

A non-profit organization, aims to provide year-round eduction for bangladeshi elementary students, prone to flooding as a result of monsoons. majorly a bamboo structure quipped with solar power and basic amentiies for a school.

solar powered portable internet schools

this unit includes solar-powered high-speed satellite Internet system with wireless router, 12 laptop computers, fold-up computer desks and a water purification plant. The water purification plant of 1500 gallon storage tank. request for more details and pricing.

portable learning spaces

schoolmart’s architects can create a new learning spaces by using shipping containers which were craned in to locations – not only were the shipping containers quick and easy to install, they offer a cheaper alternative to conventional building, are environmentally friendly as they produce less carbon emissions and also use less energy for heating. The new container classrooms provide 2,500 sq feet of space with all amenties . request a feature query.

cost effective and quick to build schools

The idea of using recycled shipping containers schoolmart is rage among govts. it takes few days to install a school of 7 classrooms and an office room with toilets. govt agencies /NGOs can contact us for best pricing.