Methodological and  abstraction learning  through math’s infra

Hallmark of Mathematica is  to  imbibe  basic concept of numbers  in children

Through environment-related activities

Mathematica changes the way students learn maths. In a first of its kind initiative in India a dedicated mathematics environment that’s meant for IIT JEE centric education. Mathematica exposes students to all kinds of critical problem solving, be it Jewish, Singapore math, Euclid, and greek. This smart space is gamified, interactive and has instant assessment thro quizzed.

Math lab is old Mathematica is new

Mathematica is a fusion of Greek, Indian, singapore and Russian math models

Plain math labs with manipulatives and lesson plans are
outdated and offers slow paced learning outcome.
Mathematica is a stunning mix of various best math models
as rated by Trends in International Mathematics and
Science Study [TIMSS] . This space is planned and executed
by eminent math brains with decades of expertise.
Mathematica is a dedicated space for math learning that
uses technology, manipulatives, quizzes, modelling and
teaching. Mathematica has an advanced variant for k12
schools with IITJEE orientation.