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school renovation

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Renovations are an opportunity to provide more secure learning environments. These safety enhancements helped properly escort visitors to the entrance of the building, and incorporated new technology to help protect the students, staff, visitors, equipment, and data.

Learning environments

We have experience of designing all kinds of learning spaces, from general classrooms to specialist labs and studios. Whether it’s food technology, art, music or IT, we’ll help you create exciting educational learning environments, purpose built for the job in hand.

And it’s not just classrooms we can turn our hand to. Libraries and learning resource centres, reception areas and dining halls, changing rooms, washrooms, office space and bedroom areas for boarding schools are all part of our portfolio, too.


Learning environments

Do you need to double up on space? We use clever planning and forward thinking design to create flexible classrooms that can be reconfigured to suit the needs of the class.

If you have varying class sizes we can incorporate design features that let you accommodate “bulge” classes of 30 or more students, while at other times allowing the extra space to be incorporated usefully into the educational learning environment.

If your classroom needs to be multifunctional, we can incorporate all the features that you need, accessible as and when they are required. We can also design spaces that support self-directed or flexible learning.

Learning environments

Get more return from your learning environment, with spaces that will attract talented staff and students alike.

If you’re an independent school, we can work with you to create environments which meet and exceed the expectation of your students and their families.

We are also accomplished at adapting period properties including listed buildings if your school is set in an older style of building. And no matter what your status, our educational space design will help you improve admissions and stimulate your students.