Science Temple


  • Get envisage learning experience  from smart science temple
  • Developments in the field  of medical science and technology would not take place if schools did not prepare brilliant dedicated scientist and researchers
  • hallmarks of science temple  are
  • Solar system concept, tooth explanation
  • Work stations for Experiments related to biology physics chemistry
  • Human body interactive learning
  • Magnetic concept ,Dna  explanation
  • Quizzora
  • Digital research zone
  • V R zone
  • Group activities & group discussions

science lab is old science temple is new

SCIENCE TEMPLE enhances the quality of teaching

science temple changes the way students learn science. It
brings in the latest technologies like Augmented reality,
virtual reality along side regular lab activities.
Science temple comes in 3 variants to suit your budget and
supports physics,biology and chemistry. It nurtures the
young scientists to explore and innovate with minimal
external help. min space required : 550 sft and above