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SMART Board 800 Series

SMART Board 800 Series

Hands-on learning, intuitive capabilities

A catalyst for class participation. Intuitive design. Engaging digital workspace. True multi-student collaboration and small group learning. Encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Spark better learning outcomes for all. Powered by SMART Learning Suite

Key Features

Multitouch experience
Four users can write, perform mouse functions, erase and
manipulate objects at the same time with hand gestures.
Freestyle interaction
Teachers and students can write in digital ink, move
objects with their fingers and much more, without the need
to switch to a multiuser mode.
Object awareness
Cameras know when a user switches between their finger,
fist or a pen. A user can also write with a pen, erase with
a palm and move objects with a finger, without having to
press buttons, access on-screen menus or replace tools in
the Pen Tray.
Touch gestures
Toss, rotate and interact with objects while using SMART
Notebook software. Includes built-in support for multitouch
operating systems such as Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and
Mac® OS X.
Powered by SMART Learning Suite
SMART Learning Suite includes SMART Notebook®,
SMART lab™, SMART response® 2 and SMART amp™.
Together, they connect students, teachers and devices to
turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.
Write over applications, websites and videos as legibly as
on paper. Your notes become objects that you can move
and manipulate.
Projector Controls
The SMART Board® 800 series, with projector controls, is
compatible with the SMART U100 projector and with Epson
PowerLite® 530, 580 and 585W projectors for SMART. The
projector control panel is integrated into the pen tray to

easily control projector power, volume and input select…request for details

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