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smart table

smart table

Simultaneous multitouch capability
SMART Table supports up to 40 simultaneous touches,
enabling eight students to collaborate on lessons at the
same time. It also supports simple, intuitive gestures like
rotate, toss and zoom.
Extensive content and resources
SMART Table comes with over 1,500 ready-made activity
packs. You can download them for free from the SMART

website, which can be accessed directly from
SMART Table. The SMART Table Toolkit makes it easy to
create and enhance SMART Table activities. You can also
import SMART Notebook lessons, so you can use the same
lessons you create for your SMART Board

whiteboard on your SMART Table.
High-quality display
SMART Table features a 42” (106 cm) LCD, 1080p display
that is virtually free of shadows and glare. The images
are sharp, the colors are vibrant and students can work in
almost any lighting conditions.
Rugged design and easy set up
The sturdy pedestal prevents tipping by even the most
enthusiastic learners. The SMART Table can also support
200 lb. (90 kg) on its scratch- and spill-resistant surface.
Set up is easy – the SMART Table can go from the box to
being in use in 30 minutes.
UDL friendly
SMART Table was designed with Universal Design for
Learning (UDL) in mind, giving you the flexibility to provide
multiple ways for students to interact with lesson content
and express their knowledge. You can also develop and
personalize interactive content to accommodate students
with special needs.
Mobile design
SMART Table is designed to fit through standard
doorways, so it’s easily moved from classroom to
classroom, allowing one school to share interactive
learning centers between multiple rooms. Optional casters
are available.
Bring objects to life
Connect a SMART Document Camera

to SMART Table
to capture and display images and video. If you have a
SMART Notebook file with 3D content in your activity
pack, you can use the SMART Document Camera with a
Mixed Reality Cube to manipulate the content.
Free training and support
A wide variety of training and support options are available
to help you get going quickly and start experiencing the
full benefits of your SMART Table.
Share SMART Table content with the whole class
The SMART Table comes with a free license for SMART

classroom management software, which enables
you to share SMART Table content with the whole class via
the SMART Board
interactive whiteboard. You can also
send activities from your own computer to SMART Table.
Virtual user group
Join our online user group, where members help each
other get the most out of their SMART Table. Monthly live
events connect you with product experts who share best
practices and show you how to create lesson activities.
Built-in Wi-Fi
SMART Table features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to
connect to the SMART Exchange website directly, as well
as to your network from anywhere in the school.
SMART Table comes with a limited equipment two-
year warranty….more details

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