Water Sports

Container Swimming Pools

July 23, 2016

Using shipping containers for building swimming pools is the newest cost-effective fad. • Not only are shipping containers perfect for the job, with their unbeatably durable nature, shipping container modifications make it an easy task ...

Children pool

July 23, 2016

Starting price: Rs 6,00,000 Inexpensive temporary Polyvinyl chloride pools can be bought in supermarkets and taken down after summer. They are used mostly outdoors in yards, are typically shallow, and often their sides are inflated ...

Professional Swimming

July 23, 2016

Starting price: Rs 10,00,000 An Olympic-size swimming pool is the type of swimming pool used in the Olympic games, where the race course is 50 metres (160 ft) in length. This is typically referred to as “long course”, distinguishing it ...

Private pool

July 23, 2016

Starting price: Rs 2,00,000   Private pools are usually smaller than public pools, on average 3.7 m × 7.3 m (12 ft × 24 ft) to 6.1 m × 12.2 m (20 ft × 40 ft) whereas public pools usually start at 24 m (80 ft). Home pools can be ...

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